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Philips Series 3000 – Dry & Wet Electric Shaver | 2 Pin Plug, Shiny Black

  • Brand:    Philips
  • Type:    Dry & Wet Electric Shaver
  • Model:    Series 3000
  • Color:   Shiny Black
  • Charging Plug:   2 Pin Plug
  • Features:
    • Flexing Heads:    Adjust to Every Curve of Your Face for a Comfortable Shave
    • Aquatec Wet & Dry:    Can be Used in the Shower or with Shaving Foam for a Comfortable Dry Shave
    • CloseCut Blades:    Sharp and Long-lasting for a Close Shave
    • Pop-up Trimmer:    To Trim Sideburns and Mustache
    • Lithium-ion Battery:    Provides Up to 45 Minutes of Cordless Shaving After an Hour of Charging
  • Packaging contents:    Shaver, Protective Cap, Power Cord
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Main Features of Philips Series 3000 – Electric Shaver

  • Flex & float adjust – This shaver can be adjusted to match the face structure and the neck with the flex and float feature, which accommodates smooth shaving.
  • Longer battery – This shaver has an incredible battery that can give you more than 45 minutes with an hour of charge.
  • Ease of use – It can be used with a cord and also cordless. If you do not have the time to charge it, then you can use it plugged in with the cord.
  • Pop-up trimmer – The pop-up trimmer is another feature that makes shaving easier; it can help with lines and perfect trimming for sideburns.
  • The design – This Philips series 3000 is designed to be ergonomically easier to grip you; its stable when you are shaving.
  • Charging indicator – The Philip electric shaver has a charging indicator on it which makes it easier for the user to know if it is plugged in and charging. 
  • Lift and cut blades – The Philips series 3000 has a lift and a cut blade that makes it easier to shave.

Philips Shaver Series 3000 – Dry & Wet Electric Shaver

  1. The benefits of using an electric shaver Using an electric shaver like the Philips Electric Shaver 3000 has several benefits over traditional manual razors. Firstly, it provides a more comfortable and less irritating shaving experience, especially for people with sensitive skin. Secondly, it saves time as there is no need for shaving cream, water or a mirror. Thirdly, electric shavers are more cost-effective in the long run as there is no need to replace blades or purchase shaving cream. Overall, an electric shaver is a convenient and efficient tool for anyone looking for a quick and easy shave.
  2. The lift-and-cut blade system The lift-and-cut blade system of the Philips Electric Shaver 3000 is designed to provide a closer and smoother shave. This system lifts the hair before cutting it, which allows for a more precise cut and reduces the chance of nicks and cuts. This is particularly helpful for those with thick or curly hair, which can be difficult to shave with traditional razors. With the lift-and-cut blade system, users can achieve a closer shave with less irritation and discomfort.
  3. The 5D pivot and flex heads The 5D pivot and flex heads of the Philips Shaver Series 3000 allow for easy movement over the contours of the face and neck. This feature ensures that the shaver maintains contact with the skin, even on difficult areas like the chin and jawline. The flexible heads adjust to the shape of the face, ensuring a smooth and even shave. This makes it easier to achieve a clean, close shave without having to go over the same areas multiple times.
  4. The pop-up trimmer The pop-up trimmer of the Philips Electric Shaver – Series 3000 is a handy feature that allows users to trim sideburns, beards or moustaches quickly and easily. This feature is especially useful for those who like to maintain a well-groomed appearance and need to make regular touch-ups. The trimmer can be easily activated with a single button, making it a convenient addition to the shaver.
  5. The storage pack The storage pack that comes with the Philips Electric Shaver in 3000 Series is designed to keep the shaver safe and secure when not in use. This pack is convenient to keep at home or take along while traveling. It keeps the shaver protected from damage and helps to extend its lifespan. The pack is also compact, making it easy to store in a drawer or suitcase.

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