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12 x BRITA Maxtra+ Plus Water Filter Jug Replacement Cartridges Refills

  • Brand:   BRITA
  • Material:   Plastic or Activated Carbon
  • Filtration Capacity:   40 Gallons or Every 2 Months
  • Dimension:    5.7D x 10W x 7.8H cm
  • Compatibility:   Brita Pitchers, Dispensers, and Faucets
  • Reduction of:   Chlorine Taste and Odor, Particulate and Mercury
  • Certifications:   NSF International Standards
  • Availabilty Pack-in:   12 Pack
  • Item Weight:   1.6Kg
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About Brita Water Filter Cartridges

  • Brita water filter cartridges are made under the supervision of highly expert teams, using high-quality material such as granulated active carbon, which comes originates from primarily India to ensure quality filters.
  • Not only water but pure water is the need of the hour
  • Get yourself Brita water cartridges and purify your water
  • Water optimizing solutions by Brita with the help of Brita Water Filter Cartridges
  • Brita has the capacity to remove 99% containment for your water
  • Water possesses multiple contagious elements, such as asbestos, chlorine, and benzene, which can cause various health problems. Brita Filters help to eradicate these substances from your water.
  • Brita water Filters cartridges are budget friendly and long-lasting. A gentle touch of maintenance can make them last for at least 6 months.
  • Drink Fresh filtered water anywhere and anytime with the help of Brita kettle or bottle filter cartridges.
  • Filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the blue water filter cartridges need replacement after 125 gallons or after every six months, while the gray filter needs to be replaced after 40 gallons or every two months.
  • Brita water filter cartridge doesn’t remove minerals and useful substances within the water, which is a unique feature of these water filter cartridges.
  • Brita distributes water filter cartridges all over the globe.

How Does Brita Water Filter Cartridges Work?

  • The Brita Water Filter cartridge has a sieve-like system that captures dust particles. A spongy layer is there to hold trap chemicals. Brita water filter cartridges consist of a carbon filter that helps to eradicate copper, cadmium, zinc, and mercury and provides you with pure and fresh water to drink.
  • Install Brita Water Filter cartridges on your own. Go through the instructions and install it in your home.
  • The duration of replacement is also written in the instruction book for best Brita cartridges.
  • Brita Filter cartridges are made in various regions, including Germany, Italy, China, and Great Britain. 83% of water filter cartridges are used in the South Asian regions. Apart from this, Brita Supply water filters to other regions of the globe.
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  • Enjoy fresh water and live a happy and healthy life with Brita water cartridges.
  • Brita water cartridges are the only solution to have pure and fresh water.
  • We are second to none in providing the best Brita Cartridges.